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How To Use A Menstrual Cup

Updated: 6 hours ago

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Before You Start

  1. Menstrual cups can be worn by girls and women of all ages during menstruation. Women using IUDs can wear menstrual cups but they should consult their doctor first.

  2. Choose the correct size. Menstrual cups come in at least 2 different sizes. Older women and women who have been pregnant usually need the larger cup. (Please note that height and weight can be factors when selecting your cup size but they are less important than age and pregnancy.)

  3. Every woman is different – we all have different anatomies and menstrual cycles and our bodies change as we age. Stress, diet and exercise all play a part in how we feel from month-to-month.

  4. It can take a few months to get used to a menstrual cup. If at first you don’t succeed, try again. It is normal for the insertion process (and the removal process) to feel strange at first.

  5. We recommend that you use a pad or reusable period underwear for the first couple of months, until you are confident that your menstrual cup fits correctly and there won’t be any leaks. This will also help you gauge how often you need to change your menstrual cup.

  6. Most women can leave their cup for 12 hours without any leaks. However, if you have a heavy flow you may need to check it sooner.

  7. Menstrual cups are comfortable, you should not be able to feel it if it has been inserted correctly.

  8. You can sleep, swim and play sports while wearing a menstrual cup.

  9. Like a tampon there is no need to remove the cup before urinating or before you have a bowel movement.

  10. The stem is there to help you remove the menstrual cup (see removal section). If you don’t need to use the stem you may trim it but don’t cut it until you know you can remove the cup without using it.

  11. Menstrual cups MUST be removed after 12 hours. Like a tampon, don’t leave it in between periods. Leaving cups or tampons in your vagina for too long can lead to Toxic Shock Syndrome which can be fatal.

  12. NEVER share your menstrual cup with another woman. See the section on cleaning your menstrual cup for tips on how to use a cup safely.

  13. Menstrual cups should only be used during menstruation. They do NOT provide protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Cleaning A Menstrual Cup & Some Hygiene Points

  1. Before you use the cup for the first time, clean it with soap and warm water. If you wish to sterilize it, soak it in boiling water for a few minutes.

  2. If you are emptying your cup, rinse with clean water before re-inserting. If you do not have access to a faucet while in the bathroom then fill a clean container with clean water and emerge the cup into the container to clean it.

  3. Empty your cup into the toilet to dispose of the menstrual blood and debris.

  4. Wash your hands EVERY TIME before AND after inserting and removing the cup.