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  • What are reusable cloth pads?
    Reusable Cloth Period Pads are provided freely for distribution by THEFLOW.WORLD Cloth pads are mostly made from cotton and come in the same choices of shape, size, and absorbency as disposables. Some have a bottom layer made from Polyurethane Laminate (PUL), a breathable and waterproof fabric. There are snaps on the wings of the pad and you simply snap them onto your underwear. Reusable pads are used in the same way as disposable pads: you change them several times a day depending on pad absorbency and the heaviness of your flow. When the pad is dirty, it can be folded up.
  • How do I clean cloth pads?
    Cloth pads are just like underwear! They can be hand washed or washed in the washing machine. To avoid staining, you should soak your pad in cold water after use to lift out most of the blood. Do not use bleach or other harmful chemicals on your pads.  Pads can be air dried, or put in the dryer. Make sure pads are completely dry before using again. To store your pads, fold them up or leave them flat. Do not put them in plastic bags at any point (clean or dirty).
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