Hello people!

My name is Delphine and I’m new-ish to the menstrual movement. I’m motivated to get the word out about resuables because…they’re great and more people should try them. Kind to your body. Light on your wallet. And easy on the environment.

I’m especially interested in getting information to moms and to soon-to-be/new menstruators because I want to do better for my eleven year-old daughter and other girls. I hope that they can experience menstruation in a climate of period positivity and with more choices. And help spread that confidence and power to girls everywhere.

It’s also my dream to help get resuables to the people who need them most – low-income menstruators here in the US and eventually elsewhere. Finally, I want to support and motivate others to support equity legislation around menstruation – removing the “tampon tax” and providing free menstrual products. It’s about fairness, social justice and health. Hopefully, unlike so many other issues, it’s something we can all get behind.

How did I come to this exciting movement? The answer is…very personally. This summer I was travelling with my family. My suitcase was full of tampons until…I ran out…at night…in a house with white walls, white floors, white bedding, white towels, even…white washcloths. Then there was a stay at another house where nothing could go in the toilets. Then a tampon string incident on the beach with…my brothers-in-law. And that was it. I googled better menstrual products and read, with interest, about menstrual cups which I’d never even heard of despite my mother’s marching with Gloria Steinem, going to progressive schools in New York City and living in a lefty hood in Los Angeles. The next day, I bought my first menstrual cup…and huzzah! Freedom from spending money on products that may contain harmful chemicals, freedom to run and jump around even in a bathing suit without embarrassing consequences, freedom to travel lighter and live better! My mind exploded with the awesome power of this small device that could last for 10 years, cost $35 and could help so many people. Back on the internet, I found that I was hardly the first person at the resuables party yet when I started talking to people outside of the millennial bracket, there were a lot of blank stares. I realized there was still much work to be done. So here I am. With some other mothers and enthusiasts. Joining those of you already on the resuables period-positivity train and inviting more people to get on board.

My husband and son have moved from horror to the occasional eye-roll about all the resuables piled around the house. Progress. And nothing makes me happier than seeing my daughter and her friends playing around with the cups, underwear and pads. I hope that someday all girls can start their menstrual journey with laughter and choices. And that all of us can live better, fairer and healthier!

Thank you!



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