Hello people!

Here, at The Flow, we’re motivated to get the word out about resuables because…they’re great and more people should try them. Kind to your body. Light on your wallet. And easy on the environment. For example, one menstrual cup can stay in up to 12 hours, last up to 10 years and cost only $20-$40. It may not be rock science but it is mind-blowing!

We’re especially interested in getting information to moms and to soon-to-be/new menstruators because we want to do better for our teen daughters and other girls. We hope that they can experience menstruation in a climate of period positivity and with more choices. And help spread that confidence and power to girls everywhere. We also distribute information and reusables to the people who need them most – low-income menstruators here in the US and everywhere!

Finally, we want to support and motivate others to support equity legislation around menstruation – like removing the “tampon tax” and providing free menstrual products to people who can’t afford them. It’s about fairness, social justice and health. Hopefully, unlike so many other issues, it’s something we can all get behind.

So please help us get closer to the day when all girls can start their menstrual journey with laughter and choices, and we all live better, fairer and healthier!

Thank you!

Delphine & Reyna
The Flow
A non-profit project of GVNG.Org, a 501c (3)

DELPHINE HIRSH is a French-American native New Yorker, a Princeton University graduate, and worked at the American Foundation for AIDS Research, occasionally smuggling Elizabeth Taylor’s silky Maltese into other countries. She published a book years ago, The Girls' Guide to Surviving a Break-Up, which now seems funnier in its Turkish translation. Her short story “The Webbing” is being published in Dunes Review and won a Glimmer Train’s Top 25 short story award for new writers. Another story is forthcoming in Euphony. She lives in Los Angeles, writes children’s books and screenplays, and can also be found at www.delphinehirsh.com.

REYNA HOHAGEN is a trilingual consumer insights expert. She has collaborated on a variety of international marketing research studies in Europe, LATAM and the US. Reyna was born in Lima, Peru, then spent her formative years in Chicago where she pursued her university studies. Later, she moved to Paris where she started a family, obtained an MBA, sharpened her qualitative research skills and learned about seven different meanings for the word “Voilà!”

MARIE JOXE supports our cause as a Creative Director.She lives in LA and is currently freelancing for clients such as Puma, Maison Martin Margiela, Kanye West , Vanessa Beecroft, Flaunt Magazine.

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